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Quick Guide to Investing

A quick start

Starting to invest might seem hard and intimidating, but in reality it can be quite simple with the right approach. These guides are here to help make your first steps into the world of investing.

Let's start with the followings:

Introduction to Investing

Essentials you must read

What is Investing? Investing is the act of putting your money into assets that will produce income or returns. Here you will learn what you need to start investing in those assets.

Let's begin with the essentials:

Understanding Investment Products

What you should know

A wide variety of investment products exist, including, but not limited to, stocks, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, money market investments, ETFs and annuities.

We usually put them into 2 investment classes: fixed income and variable income investment products. Fixed income investment refers to an investment that brings in a set amount of income on a regular basis, such as bonds or fixed deposits. Variable income investment refers to an investment with an unknown and variable income that will come randomly, such as stocks or equity investment. Let's review what they are below:

Building Your Investment Portfolio

Why you need one

Building a portfolio is a key factor for investing your money successfully. A portfolio is a combination of different investment assets mixed and matched for the purpose of achieving risk diversification for your financial assets. By mixing investment products together, we create a stable and durable sandbox for investing money. Here is why you will need one:

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

What it takes to achieve results

Peter Lynch, one of the greatest investor of all time, used to say that: 'the key organ for investing is the stomach, not the brain'. In other words, you need to know how much risk in financial assets you are willing to take to reach your financial goals.

Some financial assets are only suitable for certain types of individuals, defined by their lifestyle and risk personality. Understanding your financial limits and matching them with your financial objectives will lead you to the right path for investing successfully. So, before starting your investment journey, make sure to read these:

Ready to start investing?

Starting to invest might seem hard and intimidating, but in reality it can be quite simple with the right approach and this is where we can help.

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